We will implement everything in the responsible, professional, cheerful and exclusive way. We have a serious attitude towards all the planning and arrangement of works, which is also spiced with a pinch of light sense of humour. It’s much more interesting, right?

So..you just relax, don’t work hard and think less. Today you are gonna celebrate, have fun and do everything differently than you used to do.


We create, plan and arrange the following:

City events

National events or city festivals.


Company events

Corporate events, business events or award ceremonies.



We organise major investment projects of festivals.


We look through the non-standard prism because standard solutions don’t stand out. Moreover, we dissociate ourselves from the rules when we work and do everything differently than some people are used to. Do you think we have any boundaries? Absolutely not. Different spaces, unique scenarios, another food presentation and special attractions.

We don’t have any limits. And yes, the sky is not the limit for us too.


During the creation moment of events we take the entire process into account: from the development of event idea to the smallest details of logistics, emotions, scenographic solutions, planning of people flow and the accessibility of all event locations. After considering it, we take actions and implement everything. Now we will tell you about everything from the beginning.


We begin from the central part of the event – development of the strategy related to the event, its marketing and communication. Secondly, we choose a location of the event, plan the logistics, infrastructure and accommodation of the visitors. Thirdly, we take care of the food. During this phase we think about the concept of the catering services during the event. Finally, we plan the production and form a team of people who will provide various services.


During this stage we create ideas and entertainment. We form an idea of the event and its style, develop the scenario, concept of entertainment, musical program and provide the most original scenographic solutions only.


It’s not enough to have a strategy, a plan and ideas for the arrangement of good event. So the third step is very important. Here we begin the first stage of implementation process. During this stage we decide who and how will coordinate the processes of logistics, accommodation of the visitors, communication, IT, public catering and other services.


During this step we implement everything! It involves the fulfilment of event idea and scenario, direction of show – musical program, video, scenography, production of press materials, taking care of entertainment services, technical maintenance of the event, as well as pyrotechnics and other solutions. In other words, we pay a great deal of attention to the details of event.


  • AndriusSaunorius Creative Director and Producer
  • VytautasPalevičius Director of Communication Systems
  • GabijaVitkevičiūtė Communication Consultant
  • AstaLiukaitytė Producer
  • VladasMackevičius Producer of Arts
  • JulijaČerniavskaja Project Manager

Customer Testimonials


Once upon a time a king, who knew about everything, has asked the oracle: “I don’t know only one thing – which person is the most important” The oracle replied: “Could you guess it, my king?”
The king tried to guess: “…a beloved one? …a mother? …parents? …or maybe a teacher?”
Then the oracle replied: “The most important person is the one who is currently beside you”.


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